the essence of living

Ok so maybe it’s not the essence of living, but I realized last night that’s it’s pretty dang important.  I’m talking about electricity.  Yeah.

Oh yes, the essence.

We were sitting eating dinner, Izzy was being obnoxious and running into everything with her cone, and Netflix was streaming Grey’s Anatomy for our viewing pleasure.  And then—kablamo.  Darkness.  Then light again!  Eric says, “I thought I had gone blind!”  Then darkness again.  I say, “Don’t worry it’ll turn on again in a second.”  Then it didn’t.  Damn.

We looked outside, and everyone else was dark as well.  If you’ve never been in a power outage, you have no freakin clue how loud electricity is.  It was creepily quiet.  I was convinced the Zombie Apocalypse had come at last.  No sounds but the wind, complete dark, and no flashlights or candles.  Yeah—creepy.

After calling in to the electric company, I realized we did indeed have lights—we opened our two laptops, and shone their brilliance through the living room so that we could finish dinner.  And then I became wildly thankful for our biking obsession—we definitely had at least two bike lights in the house, right?  Much harder to locate in the dark…but I found them.

An hour and half later, the power finally came back on.  In that time we realized that without electricity we couldn’t:

  • Open the fridge (didn’t want any cold air to escape—we have lots of ice cream and other delightful yummies that I didn’t want to go bad in case it was in fact the Zombie Apocalypse)
  • Go anywhere in the house without a bike light
  • Use the massage chair
  • See the dogs, which was dangerous because Isabelle is destructive in her cone even when she can see
  • Use the Internet (since the damn airport and modem run on…yeah), which meant that we couldn’t…
  • …continue watching Grey’s Anatomy
  • …Google news on Fort Collins power outages
  • …tell the Facebook world about what atrocities had occurred
  • …Google the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse

So appreciate the fact that I had Internet this morning to write this, that you have a fridge that is up and running, that you can plug in your massage chair, and check your Facebook any time you want.

Thank you, electricity, for being so great.  But you can just go to hell for making us so dependent on you.

Photo from here.

3 thoughts on “the essence of living

    • Well…yes. But not so much on Eric’s phone, and mine doesn’t get so great of service (and thus not so great 3G either) at the house. And that would defeat the purpose of my story! So shhhhhh….

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