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I have been lucky enough to never work in food service. I have done customer service positions during my whole working life, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. All of my practice with crazy customers and ridiculous tasks has culminated into the job I’m at now. I work at a karate school, and it’s been one of the most rewarding positions I’ve ever filled. I was weirdly lucky and am wildly appreciative to have landed this greatness.

I could be this guy—one day. Maybe.

As an employee I have the luxury of taking karate classes, and it’s a better workout than anything I could ever force myself to do at the gym. Unfortunately I was sick for about two weeks, and took about a week and a half to recover after that, and yesterday morning was the first time I’ve been to a class since I got my belt promotion on September 12th. Today, I am feeling it.

I appreciate the fact that today my body feels like it’s ripping itself into about 345,200 pieces. I appreciate it because it means I did a good job yesterday. We had an unorthodox class—it was 60 straight minutes of cardio with intermittent stretching and strength building. My poor body didn’t know what to do yesterday, and today it’s mad at me. But I tell it, “No, you don’t get to be mad. Because you worked hard yesterday and you can just deal with it, dammit. It’s good for you, so stop complaining!”

In the meantime, my body aches and doesn’t want to function correctly. I remember what it’s like to work out, and remember that it’s good for me. I’ve been overly inactive for a few weeks and I was thrown into the ring with no warning, and I appreciate my job for that. Otherwise I would have continued doing what I had been doing—nothing at all.

Thanks for being awesome and delightful, karate.

Go out and do something today, everyone else. You’re body will thank you later.

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One thought on “karate body

  1. I was just thinking about how sore I am from my workout yesterday when I hopped over to your blog and saw this post. You are so right – It’s a good pain! 🙂

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