what have we come to?

I was at the store getting some pretzels yesterday, and I saw something horrifying. I have a problem with this:

The things we do to stock the snack isle.

My problem is that if you want something that tastes like hot wings…why wouldn’t you go get some hot wings? I mean, it only makes sense.

Ok, so nutritionally speaking, the Ruffles have no cholesterol, but they have far more calories, sodium, and fat per serving compared to the delicious actual thing, hot wings.

So if you want that taste of delicious hotness to dance across the delicate surface of your tongue, just go for the real thing. It’s so much more satisfying anyway. That finger-lickin’ sauce-dippin’ fantastical experience of hot wings and the feeling of triumph you feel when you gaze upon the pile of massacred bones next to you…..priceless.

Appreciate the real thing and leave the chips on the shelf.

what do you think?

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