the joys of homeownership

I am a minority among my peers.  I shed the hassle of renting last March, and have since become my own landlord, the queen of my castle, the enforcer of rules.  Ok, only to some extent.

There are endless benefits to owning your home.  You don’t have to worry about that pesky rent check each month (unless you have a pesky mortgage), weird-smelling roommates, or your weird-smelling roommate’s awkward friend who always comes over and eats your food from the fridge.  You don’t have a landlord bugging you about silly things, lurking around near the end of your lease, or letting themselves into your home to show it to a potential new tenant.

It all seems like rainbows and bubblegum, until something goes wrong.  Your shower starts leaking (not from the faucet head, where it should be leaking), you hear dripping coming from under the sink, and that one room is so ugly and outdated that you want to hop in your DeLorean and jet back to the future where you were living last month.

You gotta help me, Doc.

All of a sudden you want to call the maintenance man, the guy who fixes everything for free because you’re a renter and that’s how it works.  You rent the privilege to do nothing more than make a phone call and open the door when he gets there.

But no.  Not anymore.  Now you have to open your wallet as well as the door.  You need to get quotes from several places so you don’t get ripped off.  You need to take massive amounts of time out of your day if you want to try to fix it yourself.  Throw a little paint on the walls and that room won’t look so much like the last living inhabitant died there in the 50’s.  Good god, you’re a homeowner.

Now it’s all hitting you at once–you’re freaking out because you have to put in some damn effort.  You’re the queen of your castle but it’s falling to pieces from heavy artillery strike dealt by the twisted gods of fate.  Sigh.

Owning a home is great, once you get past the initial freakout/realization that you are responsible for the home.  You can settle somewhere instead of squatting somewhere for a year.  You can make any changes that you want (like painting that damn room), get new appliances, drill holes into the wall that you won’t have to fill with toothpaste in a few months to ensure you get your deposit back, and have pets without fear of retribution.

Owning a home is worth it.  Just be sure to save that money you would have spent on rent so that when the gods of fate suit up and attack, you can be prepared and avoid any freaking out that may occur.

what do you think?

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