childhood nostalgia

I used to find myself wishing that I could be little kid again, when my biggest problem involved going down the big slide as many times as possible during recess.  But recently I’ve discovered there are ways to bring back those feelings of childhood that don’t include letting your mom make you a sack lunch or help tie your shoes.

Home Improvement

1. Good old-fashioned family sitcoms.  I don’t have cable tv, and I haven’t for years.  Instead I rely heavily on Netflix and YouTube.  There are plenty of tv shows that will rocket you back to the 90’s in mere moments, but my favorites are Home Improvement, Boy Meets World, and 3rd Rock from the Sun (which is conveniently available on Netflix streaming).  3rd Rock is geared more towards adults, now that I am watching it as one, but I vividly remember finding joy in viewing it as a child.  Home Improvement is just clean family fun—and it’s a good break from MTV or Ghost Hunters, it’s just something you can’t find on cable or satellite anymore.  Boy Meets World…I mean, come on.  We all watched it.  Take a moment to watch an episode every once in a while and it’ll bring back so many great memories.

2. Playing the “hot lava” game.  There were always moments as a kid that I would pretend the grout between the tiles on the floor were running hot lava.  If I stepped on one, I would lose a foot.  No reason not to do it today.  Make you trip to the fridge a little more entertaining next time you want a snack.

3. Swings.  Recess in elementary school was all about racing to the swings, getting the best one, and then swinging vigorously for minutes.  For a while there, swinging really high and then jumping off was “the thing,” but I’m afraid if I tried that today my ankles would break in half.  Can’t keep me from swinging vigorously for minutes every time I come across a swing set, though.

Take a moment to relive your childhood fun, and maybe relax a little in the meantime.

Photos from here and here.

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