the dog life

I have two puppies, Schrödinger (almost a year old) and Isabelle (6 months old).  I try to walk them as much as I can, and when I decide it’s time to harness and ’em up and break out their heavy-duty leashes, I obviously need a destination.

My dogs are terrified of cars, so walking them along the side of the road to get to a park is out of the question.  Thankfully, there is a grassy haven quite close to my house that I can be at in three minutes in my car.

Resting in the shade after a long walk on a warm day.

It’s my favorite place to take them and is called Spring Canyon Park.  This place is the mother load for people looking for space, trails, and options.  Not only is there an abundance of (safe) playground equipment for you parenting types, there is a 2-acre dog park with a pond, and miles of trails for biking, walking dogs, and jogging, as well as barbeque areas, intramural fields, and a skate park.

Schrödinger and Isabelle have taught me a lot about time management.  I sometimes have to work hard to find time to walk them.  I’m often busy with school and work, so lately I’ve been lucky to get them out of the house once a week.  But they don’t seem to mind too much—they appreciate all the walkin’ time they get, and they never hold their lack of walks against me.  They help me see the zeal that comes from occasional escapes from everyday life.  I probably wouldn’t get any release from my responsibilities without these fuzzy, cuddly, cute little guys to guide me.

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